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We Can Make Your Next Event Spectacular!

No matter how big or small your upcoming event might be, we can provide a magician in Sydney that will deliver thrills, laughter and create a fun atmosphere that keeps your guests talking about your event days and weeks later.

Many performances, including music and comedy, are entertaining, yet magic is the only performance that can leave an audience mystified and spell-bound.

Magic has the unique ability to bring people together regardless of their gender, age, culture, or social status and remains a fantastic choice of entertainment suitable for all occasions.

Our exclusive agency has assembled some of the most brilliant magicians in the NSW region and made them available to book live at your location or venue of choice.

Magic For Any Event

Birthdays, award evenings, charity nights, business events, fundraisers or weddings can all be transformed from the ordinary to unique and memorable. Whether your event is indoors, outdoors, has an itinerary, or is a sit-down or stand-up event, we can tailor a package to suit a theme or an audience regardless of size or the location. Magic is ideal for groups of any size and can either be from a stage or while roaming the audience.

Business Events

Convert a drab corporate event or team-building function into something engaging and meaningful. People and teams respond when their senses get stirred by humour, excitement, participation and compelling entertainment.

With an immersive magic performance, you can break down barriers and bring together people, teams, managers, employees, and CEOs.

The galvanising benefits of magic can enhance company gatherings, celebrations, special occasions, fundraising, and new product unveilings.

Parties, Birthdays & More

With a spectacular magical performance suited for children and adults, you can provide fun-filled entertainment for any birthday, special occasion, anniversary, or private event.

Family-friendly or something geared more towards adults, such as a bucks or hens party. We can tailor a spectacle to the occasion and audience.

From a stage or while roaming through the audience, thrilling tricks and imaginative illusions will keep your guests interested, even during moments of inactivity.

Liven Up a Wedding

Make a wedding unique with compelling entertainment for all the guests during photo sessions, dinners, and other wait times.

Trickery, mind-reading, and close-range wizardry will astound the attendees. In the world of magic, close-up and strolling magic are some of the most popular styles of the art form.

Moving between tables and groups, the magician will get right up close with each guest, performing just for them.

Master of Ceremony

Unlike other Masters of Ceremonies, a magician provides a unique set of abilities not shared by the others.

They will captivate your audience and retain their attention throughout, using charm, comedy, mystique and the appropriate amount of magic to keep them going.

With extensive stage and close-up experience, they have the remarkable ability to engage even the most diverse groups, irrespective of age or gender.

Trade show or Convention

Trade show magic is a major attraction for businesses and event organisers, whether from a sales booth, tent, or walking about the market floor.

Many visitors have never witnessed customised magic illusions highlighting a product or brand up close and personal.

Magic is an excellent way to stand out and an efficient technique to pause traffic and create a conversation between vendors and customers.

Your Ideas or Ours

In the world of magic, close-up and strolling magic are some of the most popular for their audience participation and ability to galvanise crowds of all ages and demographics.

Alternately, a stage show made up of comedy, magic and charisma can capture the whole crowd at once and is perfect as part of an event itinerary.

The best thing about magicians is our flexibility, as we can work with your ideas, or you can leave it up to us. Your options are endless.

Let's Raise the Roof

If you want your guests to be amazed, captivated, entertained and your event to be unique and different, then hire a Sydney magician today. You won't be disappointed.

To find out about pricing and all the options available, send us a message with a description of your event and any ideas you have, and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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