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Why Stage Magic?

A stage magician can perform for big and small crowds, whether seated or standing. The bigger the audience, the more they will benefit from the bigger elaborate magic shows and grander illusions, which are easily viewed from many angles.

Also known as platform magic, parlour magic, club or cabaret magic, stage magic has an uncanny galvanising effect that touches people of all ages and from vastly different backgrounds.

Whether your next event is a cocktail function, wedding reception, awards night, gala dinner, Christmas or corporate event, stage magic creates a fantastic atmosphere that will have your guests captivated, laughing, talking and enjoying themselves like never before.

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What Can a Magician On Stage Do?

Plucking objects from thin air, making them disappear, magically transforming items from one state to another, teleportation, levitation, impossibly passing objects through one another, breaking and restoring valuable items in front of people's eyes.

Unbelievable mentalism and mind-reading tricks are performed, and incredible details are conjured from people that only they could know.

Watch the transposition of objects from one position to another without touch and feel the energy of your audience as they watch the performer seemingly break the laws of physics in front of their eyes and much, much more.

All the while, the magician on stage will use the perfect mix of audience participation, comedy, public speaking and stage charisma to engage, charm and keep your audience captivated for the length of the show regardless of whether there are ten people or a thousand.

Easily adaptable to a themed event or specific type of audience, and no two performances being alike, stage magic is the answer to throwing the event that turned out to be unmissable.

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