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Why Roaming Magic

Roving magic, also known as roaming magic and close-up magic, is where a magician randomly walks amongst the guests performing card tricks, mind-reading, pick-pocketing, magic with phones, Rubik’s cube magic, rings, watches, money using sleight of hand and illusions from close range.

Many people have never seen magic up close before, and when they see it right in front of their eyes, the experience is captivating and mesmerising and sure to leave a lasting impression.

When a performer is roaming a crowd, people are magnetically drawn to the action, from the shrieks of laughter to the gasps of amazement as they desperately try to work out how illusions are done.

Having a gifted close up magician at an event full of guests creates a fun atmosphere, keeps the event moving during gaps and serves as the perfect ice breaker, never failing to get strangers talking and laughing like old friends.

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Any occasion

Getting Close Up

All events have different requirements, but each has a specific need to be memorable and satisfy the audience regardless of age or demographics.

A roaming magician can break down barriers, reach all corners of the room and delight even the most conservative or reserved people. Close-up magic is ideal for weddings when there are breaks in the ceremony and corporate or business events when you need to bring people together.

It is also suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, awards nights, product launches, and any celebration or gathering of people that is sure to have gaps in the proceedings or when there is a need to keep the momentum going.

Do you have a special request or specific theme for your event? For example, you may have a medieval-themed occasion where our performer is dressed as a court jester or at a product launch where the routine can include the new product for the V.I.P guests.

The possibilities are endless, and we can tailor a magical roaming performance that seamlessly fits your theme and audience.

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