Perth Magician

Unique Entertainment in WA for Any Occasion

Looking for a magician in Perth to entertain guests at your next event?

We can help provide an accomplished, seasoned professional that will thrill your audience in a way no other entertainer can.

We have assembled some of WA's top magic performers and made it easy for you to book them at a time and date that suits you.]

Magic has an overwhelmingly positive effect on people of all ages. It captivates attention, brings energy, laughter and excitement and starts conversations between strangers. When you wish to host an unforgettable event, magic will provide the wow factor and pave the way for a momentous occasion regardless of the size.

Make an Impact

While many forms of entertainment, such as music and comedy, are enjoyable, magic is the only one that evokes astonishment and wonder. Unlike anything else, it has the power to bring people together regardless of gender, age, culture, or social status. It is a fantastic choice and suitable for a wide variety of events.

Liven up a Corporate Event

Transform a mundane corporate event or team-building day into something more engaging and memorable.

There is no better way for businesspeople to bond than through laughter, energy, engagement, and entertainment that stirs emotions.

Add an extra level of excitement that will help break barriers, dissolve conflict and get leaders and staff communicating.

Perfect for company events, business parties and celebrations, corporate fundraisers, product launches and more.

Thrill at a Private Function

Spice up a birthday, special occasion, anniversary, or any important private function with a captivating and magical performance appropriate for all ages.

Want something special or specific? We can tailor a performance to fit any situation, theme, target audience, even an adult stag night or hens party.

Our spellbinding tricks and imaginative illusions will keep your guests excited and entertained, even during periods when nothing is happening.

Wedding Day Fun

Between photographs, meals, speeches, and other waiting periods, keep your guests stimulated with illusions and tricks to make your wedding day memorable and one-of-a-kind.

Close-up sleight-of-hand, mind-reading, and conjuring will astonish guests at close range whether they are seated at tables or standing in groups.

As there are so many breaks and waiting periods during a wedding, strolling magic is the perfect gap filler and is sure to leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests.

Master of Ceremonies

When it comes to Master of Ceremonies duties, our magical performers have a unique set of talents that others don't, as they have the remarkable ability to connect with the most diverse audiences, regardless of age or gender.

With charisma, humour, curiosity, and just the right level of magic, they can keep an audience's attention for long periods.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

From a sales booth, tent or the exhibition floor, trade show magic has proven to be a big success for businesses and event organisers in places around the world.

Many individuals have never witnessed a professional perform customised magic illusions featuring a brand or product up close before.

It is an excellent way to stand out and an efficient technique to pause traffic and initiate conversation between exhibitors and visitors.

Your Options

Magic has quickly grown in popularity worldwide as a source of hired entertainment for various occasions and audiences of all sizes.

You can hire a performer for a fixed show from a stage, have them strolling amongst the crowd, or combine the two, covering all areas of the event to offer an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience, uphold a vibrant atmosphere and maintain audience interest levels at all times.

Discover more about all the options available by sending us your questions and a little information about your event today.

Why Spice Up Your Next Event With Magic

Perth has many great venues, such as the RAC arena on Wellington Street, the cosy Royale Theatre in Northbridge and the highly regarded Art room at Perth City Farm. Still, locals also hire venues or rooms in pubs, clubs, and hotels or turn their office, home or backyard into their ideal event setting. No matter what or where the event is, it's the wow factor that makes it memorable. That's why hiring one of our fantastic Perth magicians can make the difference with their unique ability to combine a range of artistic skills into one to set your event on fire and capture even the most seasoned audience's imaginations.