Tristan McLindon

aka The Tricktator

Tristan's captivating journey unfolds from his early mastery of circus skills to a fascinating detour through marketing and TV production. However, it was a transformative work trip and a serendipitous encounter with a fellow magician that reignited his true passion—magic.

Now established as a sought-after Melbourne Magician, Tristan brings the allure of illusions to life, gracing corporate events, weddings, and parties with his mesmerizing artistry. His mission goes beyond mere entertainment; it is to rekindle the enchantment of adulthood and unravel the captivating psychology of magic. Guided by the legendary Derren Brown, Tristan crafts performances that are a modern symphony of skill and psychology, engaging and captivating his audience.

With a remarkable journey and an impressive portfolio, Tristan's most discerning critics remain his wife and children, reflecting the authenticity and impact of his magical artistry. Join us in celebrating Tristan's magical odyssey, where awe and wonder take center stage. Whether you're hosting a corporate event or a wedding, Tristan's unique blend of skill and modern magic ensures an extraordinary experience for your audience. Contact Omegan Entertainment today with any questions or to book Tristan for your upcoming event, and let the magic unfold in a contemporary and captivating way.

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