Ryan Goh

Our internationally acclaimed magician based in Singapore, Ryan Goh is

celebrated for his charismatic presence and unmatched class.

Offstage, he seamlessly blends awe and laughter with his witty humor,

captivating audiences with mesmerising close-up magic. Engaging and delighting every attendee, Ryan infuses the event with an infectious energy, ensuring that everyone experiences a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Within the enchanting confines of a theater, he masterfully constructs an atmosphere of mystery, drawing audiences into a world of wonder where illusions unfold with precision and flair.

In 2023, Ryan's exceptional talent was celebrated with the prestigious Best Newcomer Award at the Melbourne Magic Festival.

Make your next event truly magical by booking Ryan Goh through Omegan Entertainment today! Transform your occasion into an extraordinary experience with the skills and charisma of Singapore's premier magician.