"Everyone left their jaws on the floor"

Experience the Magic: Neo, Your Captivating Sydney Magician, Elevating Every Occasion!

Neo stands out for his dynamic performance style, coupled with a captivating, powerful and ever-charismatic presence that leaves audiences spellbound.

As a highly skilled and mesmerizing illusionist, Neo, born in Seoul, Korea, specializes in the art of mentalism, captivating stages, and delivering impactful close-up magic. His journey into the world of magic began at age 16, driven by an insatiable enthusiasm and curiosity for the wonders of life itself. Neo's formal exploration led him to study acting, dance, production, directing, and various aspects of the magical discipline.

Armed with acquired skills and extensive training, Neo embarked on a tour throughout Korea, showcasing his talents as an illusionist, professional dancer, and director. Today, Neo has made Sydney his home, where he continues to awe and inspire audiences with his magical prowess.

To bring the magic of Neo to your future event, reach out to Omegan Entertainment. Elevate your occasion with the captivating performances of Neo, your go-to Sydney magician, and prepare for an experience that transcends expectations.

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