Nathan Hedger

"We'd give 6 stars if we could!"

Explore the captivating world of Nathan Hedger, an international magician based in the lively city of Brisbane, Australia. With a fervor for wowing audiences globally, Nathan has taken his magical performances to an impressive nine countries, showcasing his talents in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France, including a memorable appearance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

Nathan's distinct fusion of comedy and magic is elevated by his extensive background in film and TV acting, resulting in an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for onlookers. As an experienced performer, Nathan excels in creating moments of awe, leaving a lasting impression on every audience member.

Proudly hailing from Brisbane, Nathan delights in bringing his magical touch to events worldwide. Whether it's an intimate gathering for 40 or a grand spectacle with over 1000 attendees, his performances transcend boundaries, spreading laughter and amazement across diverse audiences.

Immerse yourself in the world of Nathan Hedger, where every show is a testament to his passion for magic, a commitment to entertainment, and a dedication to leaving audiences worldwide with memories that last a lifetime. Book Nathan for your next event and let the magic unfold, connecting people through laughter and wonder, irrespective of borders.

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