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As if straight from an old, sepia photograph, Mr Marmalade’s enchanting presence will cast you into a surreal world of vaudeville charm and mystical enchantment. This talented magician is simply like no other, effortlessly capturing your imagination and awakening your inner child.

Multi-award winning* Mr Marmalade has been performing magic professionally for over a decade, with clients such as Pizinni Winery, Rutherglen Wines, Buller Winery, Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, Juniperlooza, White Night Melbourne, Gordon’s Gin, Strawberry Fields, Let Them Eat Cake, Beyond The Valley, Thick as Thieves, Untitled Group and Ford Motor Company. He currently has weekly residencies at Holey Moley, and Storyville, as well as an ongoing weekly show upstairs at Storyville, “Schrodinger’s Wizard”.  Whether you require someone to entertain an intimate number of guests, or a group of hundreds, Mr Marmalade would be delighted to help make your event a memorable one.


2018 Melbourne Magic Festival Award for artistic Excellence

2018 Ballarat Beard and Moustache Competition (Moustache Division) – 1st Place

2019 Australian Society of Magicians Magician of the Year

2020 Ballarat Beard and Moustache Competition (Moustache Division) – 1st Place


“The very talented Mr Marmalade charmed us for a solid half-hour, eliciting numerous gasps and rounds of applause from the audience. Marmalade is a highly skilled (and charming) magician who is also a truly beautiful storyteller – a simple paper bag can become an object of mystery with his carefully chosen words. His utter perfection in sleight of hand occurs just inches away from his transfixed audience, each trick as mesmerising as the last. Entering with just two small bags of tricks and a moustache with a life of its own, we get the feeling that Mr Marmalade’s act could travel and delight absolutely anywhere, street side or amphitheatre.”

Owen James, Theatre Press


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