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Who is Jon Madd? The Enigmatic Eccentric, Entertainer Extraordinaire! As seen on Australia’s Got Talent, Jon is easily one of Perth’s favourite performers; whether he is blurring reality with his close up magic, singing his heart out in song, driving the crowd wild with his award winning boylesque routines, clowning around in and out of costume and make up, or whatever the hell he decides to surprise people with, in his relentless pursuit of entertainment. Jon’s effortless charm comes from a genuine love and appreciation for the audience, and the good times he brings always seems to be infectiously contagious!


“Jon Madd bent the minds of hundreds of Croupiers and experienced
gaming inspectors at Burswood’s ‘Croupier of the Year Awards Ceremony’.
I’m sure surveillance was also zooming in to appreciate his Madd skills.
What a night!”

Kelly C

“Jon, your skill is just mind boggling!
There you were, with nothing but your hands, bare arms, and three cards.
I was watching you with eagle eyes from an arm’s length away.
And yet… you completely blew me away!
Bambozled me entirely within one minute. Wow!”

David M


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