Jay Cristo - Magician & Mentalist

"Everyone deserves a moment"

Jay Cristo is an award-winning Magician & mentalist who has been performing magic for over 10 years, providing all with moments of astonishment, memories and laughter while known for his professionalism and ability to engage others through compelling storytelling! 

A journey that started when a case of food poisoning on a family holiday led an 8 year old Jay to the doctor's office. While waiting to be called, an older gentleman sitting across from Jay had gestured to watch the small red ball he was holding and with a sudden wave of his free hand, the ball had vanished. Unbeknownst to both, It was this moment of wonder that Jay would later cherish, sharing this feeling with audiences over the past 10 years, driven by his firm belief that “everyone deserves a moment”.

Jay understands how much your guests mean to you and it is this exact reason why he will ensure that your needs are met and exceeded as he tailors his routines to provide your guests with memories they will cherish for a lifetime! 

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