James Lopez

"A Most Modern Magician For A Most Modern Audience"

A local of Colorado, James has spent over a decade honing his craft, perfecting his performances, and becoming one of the most innovative magicians in the business.

James' specialty is experiencing magic with audiences during his performances by incorporating everyone into the effect and creating truly immersive and magical experiences. He has developed a unique style that merges classic magic tricks with modern technology- controlled lighting, audio, and other special effects- all to create an atmosphere that makes the magic happen.

Audiences are always blown away by James' performances, which are always highly interactive. He loves to make everybody feel like they are a part of the magic and truly make them believe in it. You won't find any fancy props or long-winded speeches in James' performances; instead, he relies on engaging his audience and using sleight of hand techniques that are truly astounding.

As a local of Colorado, James understands the importance of bringing the magic of the mountains to your event. Whether you're looking for a magician for a corporate event, private party or a school function, James is the perfect fit for any occasion.

So, if you're looking for someone who will captivate your audience and leave them believing in the impossible, then look no further than Denver Magician, James, the most modern magician for your next event. He is guaranteed to leave everyone in awe and provide a truly unforgettable experience. Book him now to see why he's become known as one of the most innovative magicians in the business.