Melbourne Magicians

Amaze Guests With a Mind-Blowing Experience

If you were looking for a Magician in Melbourne to entertain guests at your next event, you've arrived at the right place.

We've brought together some of Victoria's finest magical entertainers under our banner and made it easy for you to hire at your convenience.

Our performers are sure to liven the atmosphere, draw a crowd, ignite conversations, bring comedy and laughter and give your guests an experience they won't soon forget.

Whilst many forms of entertainment like comedy and live music will entertain an audience on one level, magic has the uncanny ability to break down barriers, cross demographics and ages and capture the attention of the most hardened critics.

Want to keep the momentum going successfully? Nothing will beat the fresh mix of spell-binding tricks, rapid-fire illusions and quick-witted humour that we will bring to the table.

Whatever the occasion, we can help you make it great.

The Ultimate Melbourne Entertainment

Perfect for small and large audiences, performances can be from a stage, walking amongst the crowd, or combining both. Not sure what you would like? You can leave it to us, or we can work through a range of options with you, even tailoring a show to suit a theme or your location of choice across Melbourne.

Spice up a Corporate Event

Turn an everyday formal corporate or team-building exercise into the ultimate ice breaker.

Unite managers, employees and CEOs in a way like no other. Watch in amazement as barriers are broken and people and teams come together.

Perfect for company parties, awards nights, celebrations, business summits, dinners, fundraisers, product launches or client appreciation.

Impress at a Private Party

Provide the ultimate birthday party, anniversary or private entertainment with a captivating performance suitable for adults and children or tailored to suit a more adult theme such as a bucks or hens party.

Effortlessly keep your crowd entertained even when they are waiting for something to happen.

Make Your Wedding Unique

Make your wedding unique for the guests in between photos, meals, speeches, and other transitional times during the day.

Wedding magic is highly interactive whether people are sitting or standing in groups.

Sleight-of-hand tricks, mind reading, conjuring, and lots of laughter will ensure your wedding guests experience a fun and enjoyable time during the wedding.

Master of Ceremony with Mystery and Charm

Our talented Masters of Ceremonies can win your audience over and keep them entertained and engaged the entire night with charisma, comedy, and just the right amount of magic.

With their vast experience in close-up settings and stage performances, our MCs have all the tools and sublime skills to capture the most diverse crowds' attention, irrespective of age, gender or culture.

Break the Ice at Trade Shows and Conventions

Want the perfect way to stand out and break the ice between potential buyers and vendors?

Trade show magic is a massive hit for businesses and convention organisers in a booth, tent or strolling around the trading floor.

Create customised illusions incorporating a brand or product, stop traffic, facilitate engagement, and increase appointments and sales.

Choose Your Craft

You can book a performer to do a fixed show from a stage, have them strolling amongst the crowd, or even package the two options together to create a complete entertainment package.

Whatever your occasion, we can work within your ideas and budget to make it great. To find out about our Melbourne magician pricing and options, please get in touch with us with your details and information about your upcoming event.

Take Entertainment to the Next Level

Whether your hosting a private function at home or an intimate location such as the cosy 130-year-old Vault on Smith Street in Collingwood or the vibrant 6,000 sqm outdoor Timber Yard at the industrial precinct in Port Melbourne, we've got you covered at your location of choice.

We will provide a uniquely entertaining experience, fun, laughter, and the rave review your event deserves.

Ready to Make Magic?