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Fresh, Unique and Thrilling Live entertainment for Your Next Event

Magic can astonish your audience, draw them in, deliver humour and laughter, start conversations with strangers and set the tone for a memorable event, no matter how big or small.


If you're considering hiring a magician for a future event in Brisbane Queensland, Omegan Entertainment can offer an engaging, accomplished professional who will entertain your audience unlike any other.


Omegan Entertainment is a magician agency that has gathered some of Australasia's most talented magicians and made them easy to book at your leisure.

Omegan Entertainment is a magician agency that has gathered some of Australasia's most talented magicians and made them easy to book at your leisure.

Make it Unforgettable

While many performances, such as music and comedy, are entertaining, magic is the only one that inspires awe and wonderment. Like nothing else, it transcends gender, age, culture and social boundaries to bring people together. Magic is an excellent choice for a multitude of occasions, such as:

Energise a Corporate Event

Transform a standard corporate function or team-building event into something lively and far more memorable.

There isn't a better way for people to connect than to stimulate their emotions through laughter, excitement, participation and irresistible entertainment.


Dissolve boundaries, bring individuals, groups, managers, employees and CEOs closer together with an interactive performance. Company parties, celebrations, business events, fundraisers, product launches can benefit from the galvanising effects of magic.

Electrify a Private Party

Provide the best fun-filled entertainment for a birthday, special occasion, anniversary or other gatherings with a fascinating magical show suitable for kids and adults.

Family-friendly or a little more adult focussed for a bucks party or hens night. We can customise a performance to suit the occasion and audience.

From a stage or walking amongst the crowd, spell-binding tricks and fascinating illusions will keep your guests entertained, even when they wait during periods when nothing is happening.

Add a Unique Touch to a Wedding

Make your wedding one-of-a-kind with entertainment for your guests in between pictures, dinners, speeches, and other waiting periods.

Guests will be dazzled by sleight-of-hand, mind-reading, and conjuring at close range.

Close-up magic is amongst the most popular forms of magic in the world, as is strolling magic. Moving from tables and groups, the magician will get right up close and personal, entertaining exclusively for every guest.

A Master of Ceremony (MC) With a Difference

A magician brings a unique set of skills to the table that other Masters of Ceremonies do not have.

They will grab hold of your audience and keep them engaged throughout with charm, humour, mystery, and just the right amount of magic required.

They have the magnificent ability to capture the attention of the most diverse groups, regardless of age or gender, due to their extensive stage and close up experience.

Boost Visitor Engagement at a Convention or Trade Show

In a sales booth, tent, or wandering about the market floor, trade show magic is a big hit for businesses and event organisers from around the world.

Many people have never seen a professional up-close performing customised magic illusions that feature a brand or product.

Magic provides a great way to stand out and an effective way to stop traffic and initiate contact between sellers and attendees.

Types of Magic

Many people believe that a magic performance takes place on a stage in front of large groups. However, today it is an increasingly popular form of entertainment for smaller gatherings, parties, and private occasions. A small or big staging platform might be used, with the performance taking centre stage in front of a seated or standing audience. The following events would be suitable for stage magic:

  • Corporate function
  • Events for Charities
  • A Launch of a business or product
  • Award nights
  • Sporting celebrations
  • Member or club events

Strolling magic is when the entertainer moves about the venue, performing for seated and standing audiences, bamboozling observers from up close. You can view the illusions from almost any angle, and onlookers are used frequently as props and participants for the tricks. The most popular environment for strolling is in front of smaller groups, and an ideal choice for:

  • Parties
  • Wedding entertainment
  • All kinds of Family events
  • An anniversary
  • Dinners for business clients
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Product launch

It's not uncommon for strolling magic to be used in combination with a stage act. A package like this would be a remarkable and unique experience, ensuring a fun atmosphere that keeps your audience fully occupied at all times.

Why Choose Magic?

Magic masterfully blends a variety of disciplines into one, catching the imagination of the most seasoned audiences. People love being surprised and even outsmarted when they can't figure out how a trick or illusion came about. Our magicians will create a one-of-a-kind experience, boost the audience's level of enjoyment, get conversations going, and make a huge statement at your next event.

Based on 28 reviews.
Kellie Finlay
Kellie Finlay
I had Nathan at one of my corporate event recently. He was absolutely amazing!!!! Would highly recommend him.
Will Ryan
Will Ryan
Nathan and the team at Omegan Entertainment run an awesome spectacle of magic and entertainment! Very engaging with groups big and small. Magical experience!
Rachel Harding
Rachel Harding
I have used Nathan to book entertainment for events across New Zealand and Australia. Nathan has been absolutely fantastic to coordinate with, and we have received outstanding feedback about the performers as well! I highly recommend Omegan Entertainment.
Alanna Tunchon
Alanna Tunchon
I had Nathan entertain at my 30th birthday and it was pure magic! He was super engaging, energetic and generous. He made sure that he got around to every group and involved all of my guests. His performance was amazing, even though I kept getting frustrated that I couldn’t work out how he did it!!! 10000% recommend!
Lachlan Fowler
Lachlan Fowler
Brilliant wit and clever magician 🙂
Kaylie Fraser
Kaylie Fraser
We had Nathan out to do a bit of a team building afternoon with our staff and he did not disappoint. He was very entertaining and friendly and there was fun and constant laughing shared by all. It was great to do something different for a change. We will be using him again in the future.
Bernice Yap
Bernice Yap
We needed Nathan to roam and get our guests comfortable at our wedding party and he delivered more than that , A-class entertainment and fun! Will definitely recommend for anyone's party event. Thanks again!
mo sullivan
mo sullivan
Had Nathan perform at a corporate event and was spectacular. Had clients amazed and provided nothing but excellence. Highly recommend
Jarman Rowe
Jarman Rowe
Absolutely fantastic show from my 50th ....thank you!!!!