Brisbane Magician

Fresh, Unique and Thrilling Entertainment

If you want to find a magician in Brisbane for a future event, you've come to the perfect place.

We'll provide an engaging, accomplished professional from Queensland's most talented magicians who will entertain your audience and light up your event like no other.

Magic will draw attention, deliver humour and laughter, start conversations with strangers and set the tone for a memorable event, no matter how big or small.

We believe magic should be available to everyone. We are an agency focused on providing the best entertainment, and nothing can cross boundaries or captivate a diverse audience like magic can.

Make Your Event Unforgettable

Even though various performances like music and stand-up comedy are appealing, magic is the only one that can genuinely inspire curiosity and amazement. It transcends gender, age, and culture and is an excellent choice for many occasions.

Corporate Events

Transform a dry business function or team-building event into something lively and far more memorable.

There isn't a better way for people to connect than to stimulate their emotions through laughter, excitement, participation and interactive entertainment.

Dissolve boundaries and bring together individuals, groups, managers, employees and CEOs. Perfect for company parties, celebrations, business events, fundraisers, and product launches.

Private Functions

Provide the best fun-filled entertainment for birthdays, family events, an anniversary or other momentous occasions with a fascinating magical show suitable for both kids and adults

Family-friendly or a little more adult-focused for a bucks party or hens night. Performances can be adapted to suit the occasion and target audience.

From a stage or walking amongst the crowd, spell-binding tricks and fascinating illusions will keep your guests entertained, even when nothing is happening and they have to wait around.


Make your wedding one-of-a-kind with entertainment in between pictures, dinners, speeches, and other waiting periods.

Rapid fire hand tricks, object conjuring and mind-reading, will wow those watching from close range.

The magician will move from table to table and group to group, getting up close and personal and interacting with each guest.

Master of Ceremony (MC)

In contrast to other Masters of Ceremonies, a magician possesses a one-of-a-kind skill set that can't be found elsewhere.

They engage your audience and maintain interest by using charisma, quick wit, mystery, and the appropriate level of magic. 

Their stage and close-up exploits can entertain and captivate audiences of various ages, genders and situations.

Conventions or Trade Shows

Many people have never seen a professional up-close performing customised magic illusions that feature a brand or product.

Magic provides a great way to stop traffic and initiate contact between sellers and attendees.

Standing in a sales tent or walking amongst the crowd, hosting magic at a trade show will help increase sales and brand awareness.

What to Choose

Common choices are pre-planned stage shows in front of seated or standing audiences of all sizes, or you can have a magician roaming around the venue, entertaining guests from close range.

Depending on the type of event, combining the two as a package is also popular, creating a fun atmosphere and keeping your audience occupied at all times.

We can also adapt to suit a specific theme and are happy to perform at your location of choice.

Why Magic?

The art of magic is a seamless mix of many different techniques that can captivate even the most cynical of spectators.

People take great pleasure in being fooled or outwitted, especially when they cannot understand how it happened.

Feel free to send us your suggestions and ideas, or leave it to us to create original and exclusive entertainment.

If you are ready to get started and would like to discuss your options or want further information on our Brisbane magician prices, contact us today.