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Omegan Entertainment was born from a desire to create a hub of some of the best magicians in Australasia. A company that provides quality, classy magicians that will light up your event and take it to the next level. Whether it is a Corporate function, Awards Night, Christmas function, End of Financial year party, Race day, Birthday celebration you name it! We provide a selection of the best magicians available!

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About our Founder

Omegan Entertainment was founded by Magician Nathan Hedger who saw the ever growing need for a Magician only supplier. His love of the arts and ability to connect with people has seen him bond with a vast range of magicians and clients throughout his professional career.

Where did Omegan Entertainment come from?

Omegan Entertainment was named after a man who lost his life in 2016 in a road accident. Gregory Hedger was riding his motorbike early Saturday morning in October of 2016 when he collided with another driver who turned in front of him.


Greg was an inspiration to a lot of people, his devotion to his family and friends and willingness to always lend a hand no matter the time of day are just a couple of his strengths. In his younger days, Greg was part of a Motorcycle club called the Omegans. Finally, 2 years after the accident when Omegan Entertainment was born, it was named after the man who was an inspiration to a lot of people, who, no matter how hard things got always pushed through and who deserved the best in life. Although not a magician himself, his love and wonder of magic is a constant reminder to at least one magician why we perform. His legacy will remain and Omegan Entertainment is a tribute to everything this man believed and was.

About Us Omegan Entertainment

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