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Omegan Entertainment was born from a desire to create a hub of some of the best magicians in Australasia. A company that provides quality, classy magicians that will light up your event and take it to the next level. Whether it is a Corporate function, Awards Night, Christmas function, End of Financial year party, Race day, Birthday celebration you name it! We provide a selection of the best performers from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane magician available!

Roving Magic

Close up & Roving Magic The Roving Magic Experience Roving magic or Close up magic is a type of entertainment where a magician will walk throughout your event performing magic in small groups providing an up close and personal experience while creating amazing moments and lifting the energy in the room with each group they [...]

Master of Ceremony

Master of Ceremony The Master of Ceremony Experience Our Magical MC’s not only MC your event however they keep it lively, create some atmosphere and add in a little touch of magic every now and then to spice things up. With their extensive work with audiences both in a close up setting or stage setting [...]

Stage Show Magic

Stage Show Magic The Stage Show Magic Experience Stage show magic is a great way to put on a show for a large number of guests in a shorter amount of time. Whether you have 100 guests, 1000 guests or more, stage shows are a great way to showcase magic in a different format. Each [...]

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